Why We Are Here

We are here for Several Reasons. We wanted to fulfill our dreams of having a restaurant without Corporate control. We wanted to be able to do what’s right for the community and not for corporate pockets. We want to be able to help support our Community, Schools and our Military.

We are not Trying to become Millionaires. We just are trying to have a good life and make sure our employees have jobs so they can pay their bills, We want to create jobs for people in this economy. Really we wanted to find a way to help with the Community, Schools and our Military in the area. So if you or your Organization wants to have an Event or Fund Raisers, or School Achievement Coupons we welcome it, Just Contact us.

We want to try to give the community the products they want. We have been taking in the areas feedback on what they want (Our menu is ever changing at this point). This is what we have found and We are Open to any ideas or products the community would like. We were told Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Sliced Meats, Fresh Salads, Real Sandwiches, Unique items NO ONE HAS,  Better Sides, a Good Beer Selection, Kids Meals, Kid friendly, Specialty Coffees, a Pool Table, Games, Big TV's, Outside Seating, Lower Tables, Pet Friendly, Audible Music that’s not to loud that you can’t have a conversation, Good food, a place to sit down and relax with family and friends, and stay awhile. We our not in the business of turning tables for higher profits. Also a place where the Owners and Staff are outgoing for the customers and genuinely care about them. So please feel free to give us your suggestions and

Our Story

This is a new Chapter in our business. We wanted to do something completely different then pizza, so we opened a Sub Shop. Alot of you know us from County Line Pizza.

Meet the Team

Greg White


Army Vet

Wayne Patton


Robert Camp

Co-Owner / Director of Opperations

Next Steps...

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